Thursday, January 14, 2010


So, I don't think anyone reads this blog and so really I am doing this for my own personal needs. I have decided to run the SLC Marathon on April 17, 2010 at 7 a.m. Why? I have always wanted to run a marathon since I can remember beginning to run (age 13 I though I needed to loose some serious poundage). Megan Smith and I were planning on one in June but thought hey why not start training now and do it in April. Although training and school and husband and sleeping are going to be pretty time consuming I am completely dedicating myself to training and completing this marathon. I asked myself this morning...."Why have you never ran or gotten serious about a marathon before? You have always been obsessed with exercise and competition!" Thinking about it I realized it is because now I have Billy as my number one fan. He really is my biggest motivator behind doing what I do. He is so positive and always asking about my training and telling me that I will be able to qualify for Boston (we'll see about that one). I get excited just thinking about seeing him at the finish line and running my hardest to get to him... what an amazing reward. I have done a few sprint triathlons in the past but it wasn't until Billy came along and I knew he was there supporting me and waiting for me at the end that I really pushed myself to my max. I love him and his support.
So enough about me talking about how Billy really is the best thing around, I am going to keep track of my training through this blog. So here goes.......
Monday 1/11: 7.5 Miles, incline 2% at 7.5 mph
Tuesday 1/12: Rest day, stair climber and eliptical
Wednesday 1/13: 1 mile warm up (6.5 MPH), 3 mile (8.5 MPH), 2 mile (8.0). Total-6 miles, I also taught a spin class after that.
Thursday 1/14: Today I am taking it easy at the gym. Elliptical and attempt some weights.
Friday 1/15: 10 miles baby! (8:28 minute miles) No school tomorrow... just a date with the treadmill. Then I get to meet Billy on campus for lunch and I am going to his chemistry class. WAHOO!
Saturday 1/16: Stair climber and I teach spin. I love doing the stair climber because it really makes me sweat and pant more than any other workout and obviously it is building up my cardiovascular endurance.

For the first time since in a long time I am working out NOT to loose weight or burn calories. I love the feeling of working out to accomplish a goal. With me loosing weight is never a good goal because I start getting down on myself that I am never good enough/skinny enough. With my new paradigm shift I love thinking about the race rather than calories. I love reading about the proper nutrition during training and I feel like I am eating healthy for the right reason and that is to supply by body with what it needs to preform at my best. By doing this I am no longer sabotaging myself to fail. Life is good!

After a long run during the summer.... ha imagine what I will look like after a marathon!

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