Wednesday, January 20, 2010


This is my new favorite quote. It is so applicable to so many things in life but I really need it for the next few months of my marathon training. I kept telling myself this on my 10 mile run on Monday and it really motivated me to keep going. It is amazing how much an accomplishment boosts your self-esteem. Tonight I have a six mile run and then I teach spin..... Wednesdays are especially tiring. The first mile is at a 9 minute pace and then three miles at a 6:48 pace with the final two miles being a cool down. Hopefully there is something good on TV or maybe I should just print this quote and stick it on the treadmill. People at the gym already think I am crazy just because I sing along to my favorite songs. No sugar for 9 DAYS!!! I have also been trying to get at least 30 grams of fiber a day. That is helping so much because I am too full by the time dessert comes along. Wish me luck tonight. I am going to need at least three crystal lite energy packets mmmmh.
My favorite food find at smiths. I put everything in this sucker: chicken, salmon, potato, egg you name it.

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