Sunday, January 17, 2010


As I said before I was supposed to do ten miles on Friday! I dropped billy off at school, ate half an orange and started out on my journey on my favorite treadmill at Gold's. (It's the one under the fan and I can watch people as they come and go plus the TV on this treadmill rarely has issues unlike all of the others) Once I hit mile three I started to really get into the motion and I felt great. Once I got to mile ten I decided I still felt great and I would continue on! I made it to 15 miles in two hours on a 1.5% incline. It felt amazing! What stopped me was my HUNGER and CHAFFING! Ha I was literally starving! So yesterday Billy and I went to the new store called 26.2 and bought shot blocks and energy beans (they are great sources of energy and caffeine) and anti chaffing powder! Next long run I am eating a normal sized breakfast 30 minutes before my run.....1/2 of an orange didn't cut it!

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