Friday, January 29, 2010


16. Miles. Done. And. Done.
2 Hours and 6 Minutes
1% incline
I hurt

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Monday 1/25

I was supposed to run 5 miles yesterday but once I got there I couldn't stop:) My body is crazy.... the first 3 miles ALWAYS feel like death and I question my motives and why I tell myself I love to run. As soon as 3.01 comes up on the display I feel amazing. I think I must just start to get the hang of it and I get into a steady pace. I ran 12 miles and felt great (minus the sore muscle/tendon behind my knee). I think I need to lower my mileage a little and just do one long run a week. My time was 1:31. I just can't wait for it to get warm enough outside that I can use my Garmin and run up the canyon..........

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


This is my new favorite quote. It is so applicable to so many things in life but I really need it for the next few months of my marathon training. I kept telling myself this on my 10 mile run on Monday and it really motivated me to keep going. It is amazing how much an accomplishment boosts your self-esteem. Tonight I have a six mile run and then I teach spin..... Wednesdays are especially tiring. The first mile is at a 9 minute pace and then three miles at a 6:48 pace with the final two miles being a cool down. Hopefully there is something good on TV or maybe I should just print this quote and stick it on the treadmill. People at the gym already think I am crazy just because I sing along to my favorite songs. No sugar for 9 DAYS!!! I have also been trying to get at least 30 grams of fiber a day. That is helping so much because I am too full by the time dessert comes along. Wish me luck tonight. I am going to need at least three crystal lite energy packets mmmmh.
My favorite food find at smiths. I put everything in this sucker: chicken, salmon, potato, egg you name it.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


As I said before I was supposed to do ten miles on Friday! I dropped billy off at school, ate half an orange and started out on my journey on my favorite treadmill at Gold's. (It's the one under the fan and I can watch people as they come and go plus the TV on this treadmill rarely has issues unlike all of the others) Once I hit mile three I started to really get into the motion and I felt great. Once I got to mile ten I decided I still felt great and I would continue on! I made it to 15 miles in two hours on a 1.5% incline. It felt amazing! What stopped me was my HUNGER and CHAFFING! Ha I was literally starving! So yesterday Billy and I went to the new store called 26.2 and bought shot blocks and energy beans (they are great sources of energy and caffeine) and anti chaffing powder! Next long run I am eating a normal sized breakfast 30 minutes before my run.....1/2 of an orange didn't cut it!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


So, I don't think anyone reads this blog and so really I am doing this for my own personal needs. I have decided to run the SLC Marathon on April 17, 2010 at 7 a.m. Why? I have always wanted to run a marathon since I can remember beginning to run (age 13 I though I needed to loose some serious poundage). Megan Smith and I were planning on one in June but thought hey why not start training now and do it in April. Although training and school and husband and sleeping are going to be pretty time consuming I am completely dedicating myself to training and completing this marathon. I asked myself this morning...."Why have you never ran or gotten serious about a marathon before? You have always been obsessed with exercise and competition!" Thinking about it I realized it is because now I have Billy as my number one fan. He really is my biggest motivator behind doing what I do. He is so positive and always asking about my training and telling me that I will be able to qualify for Boston (we'll see about that one). I get excited just thinking about seeing him at the finish line and running my hardest to get to him... what an amazing reward. I have done a few sprint triathlons in the past but it wasn't until Billy came along and I knew he was there supporting me and waiting for me at the end that I really pushed myself to my max. I love him and his support.
So enough about me talking about how Billy really is the best thing around, I am going to keep track of my training through this blog. So here goes.......
Monday 1/11: 7.5 Miles, incline 2% at 7.5 mph
Tuesday 1/12: Rest day, stair climber and eliptical
Wednesday 1/13: 1 mile warm up (6.5 MPH), 3 mile (8.5 MPH), 2 mile (8.0). Total-6 miles, I also taught a spin class after that.
Thursday 1/14: Today I am taking it easy at the gym. Elliptical and attempt some weights.
Friday 1/15: 10 miles baby! (8:28 minute miles) No school tomorrow... just a date with the treadmill. Then I get to meet Billy on campus for lunch and I am going to his chemistry class. WAHOO!
Saturday 1/16: Stair climber and I teach spin. I love doing the stair climber because it really makes me sweat and pant more than any other workout and obviously it is building up my cardiovascular endurance.

For the first time since in a long time I am working out NOT to loose weight or burn calories. I love the feeling of working out to accomplish a goal. With me loosing weight is never a good goal because I start getting down on myself that I am never good enough/skinny enough. With my new paradigm shift I love thinking about the race rather than calories. I love reading about the proper nutrition during training and I feel like I am eating healthy for the right reason and that is to supply by body with what it needs to preform at my best. By doing this I am no longer sabotaging myself to fail. Life is good!

After a long run during the summer.... ha imagine what I will look like after a marathon!