Monday, October 19, 2009

So here's my dilemma..... I love to exercise. Sounds too good to be true but here’s the catch 22. Because I am so addicted to exercise I feel like I should eat like a mad woman. A lot of my friends are just the opposite. They can't get themselves to the gym or out for a run but it is so easy for them to have portion control and stop after just 'one cookie.' I try to convince myself that my body is 'craving' all of these calories because of the amount of physical activity I do. This is partly true but our bodies actually really want and need nutrient rich foods not calorie dense foods that are highly processed. As I am writing this I am snacking on a pumpkin chocolate chip cookie my students made for me.

This blog is created for anyone out there that loves to work out but finds it hard to eat in a way that they are able to reach their full potential of wellness and happiness. This is for those of you that exercise to eat or even live to eat. Why are we so concerned with keeping our bodies in top physical shape yet don’t think about the toxins we are putting into our body. Please post any comments, ideas or helps and maybe together we can get through this 'addiction' together. I will also be posting other health and wellness related tips, ideas and articles.


  1. NAE NAE! That's awesome that you've started this blog. I'm proud of you. And I will try to keep up on it and post my opinion (even though sometimes I eat 3200 calories?)

  2. i LOVE this. i'm bad...mostly it's the PB that gets me. keep this updated, i'll be a BIG fan!!!